Monday, July 21, 2014

Gentle Universe Toy Instruments Sound Library Vol. 1

Giveaway! Gentle Universe Toy Instruments Loops and Samples Vol. 1

A sound library of our following toy musical instruments: Toy Bells, Castanets, Duck Shaker, Glockenspiel, Melodica, Kazoo, Octavina, Rattle, Shaker, Toy Cymbals, Toy Grand Piano, Toy Kawai Piano, Triangle, Music Box and more.

The samples are available for free download.

Raw and lo-fi.  Recorded by yours truly.  Feel free to use in your music projects.

Cheers and thanks!

For Gentle Universe

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Gentle Universe featured on Katha Magazine

Fun interview with Katha Magazine! Please check out their latest online issue. Lots of wonderful stuff about creativity and craftsmanship. 

Thanks Katha Magazine!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Reese Lansangan's Space and Human Race

Gentle Universe made music for Reese Lansangan's Space and Human Race, SoFA 2014 fashion show at Rockwell. Thank you and congrats, Reese! We're happy for you!

Reese wanted a positive sounding track with spacey synths and air of mystery.You can listen to the track via soundcloud.

Produced by Cris Garcimo
Gentle Universe 2014 (c)

For more photos of the collection, please visit Reese's blog. Video coming soon!

Thanks for visiting! :-)

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Outdoor Wedding Reception

Gentle Universe played at an outdoor wedding reception in UP Diliman.

The couple, Floyd and Jem,  invited us to play ambient music after they saw us perform at Art in The Park 2013. The wedding was so lovely! Thanks again for having us! 

Set up.



With the newly wed, Floyd and Jem. Coordinated by WEDDINGS ARE BLESSINGS Coordinator & Events Management.Thank you very much again!

After the reception, we went to "Tinda-tindahan, Kwento-kwentuhan" - A Children's Lit for Yolanda Relief". The event was organized by Kuting, Ang Ilustrador ang Kabataan, PBBy and Adarna. All proceeds will be directed to Unicef Philippines. 

We bought books and some illustrations to support the cause. We also met Robert Alejandro of Ang INK, one of our favorite illustrators. Yahoo! :-)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Handmade Musical Instruments Show

Poster design by Issay Rodriguez

Organized and produced by Cris Garcimo

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Gentle Universe on Kamusta Magazine

Gentle Universe interview on Kamusta Magazine about music, inspiration and handmade crafts.
Read more here:

Happy weekend!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Gentle Universe at Musiko Imbento

Hi! We are happy to be part of a community event called MUSIKO IMBENTO. It will be on Oct 25 at Sev's Cafe! Hope to see you. Please spread the word. Thanks!

Poster design by our favorite Pergy Acuna, member of Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan (Ang INK) and Speculiars. Thanks also to Ime Morales, writer and founder of Freelance Writers Guild of the Philippines.


Truly yours,

Cris Garcimo
For Gentle Universe


MUSIKO IMBENTO Showcases Handmade Musical Instruments

One can create musical instruments out of bicycle parts, containers, toys and other found objects. This is the principle behind MUSIKO IMBENTO, an open community of crafters, players and supporters of self-built and handmade musical instruments in the Philippines.

MUSIKO IMBENTO is also the title of the workshop/performance event happening on October 25, 2013, 7:00 p.m. at Sev’s Café (across the Cultural Center of the Philippines). Entrance to the event costs Php200 (Php100 of which is consumable at the café). Discover, learn and play handmade musical instruments from the Philippines; and be inspired to create your own sound devices and musical instruments using repurposed materials and found objects.

The activity starts off with a series of presentations: Handmade Musical Instruments Using Repurposed Coconut Shells (Cris Garcimo of Gentle Universe and Cocospheres), Modular Synth + Modifications (Harvey Vasquez aka Wiquwi), DIY Oscillator and CMOS Synth (Roger Lopez aka Inconnu Ictu), Assemblage/Musical Instruments using Bicycle Parts and Other Found Objects + Circuit Bending 101 (Elemento featuring Sandata by Lirio Salvador), and Make Your Own Percussion using Trash Cans and Water Containers (Jean Paul Zialcita, Philippine Percussion Icon and creator of Kalidrum and Aquadrums). Aside from the presentations, there will also be a special performance by Pasta Groove, and an Open Jam—guests are encouraged to bring their own handmade or self-built musical instruments. Prizes will be given to lucky guests. Shirts, CDs and other handmade items will be on sale as well, including Help Lirio Salvador fundraising t-shirts. (Lirio Salvador is a musician who created “experimental instruments based on his concept of ethno-industrial art/music;” he is recovering from a hit-and-run incident that happened in 2011.) For more information, please email

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Gente Universe at Heima (mt CASA Exhibit)

Congratulations to mt Spaces: An Exhibit featuring Real Living Magazine, Everywhere We Shoot, Carina Santos and The Googly Gooeys last night at Heima Brixton. 

Thank you to Heima for inviting Gentle Universe to play at the exhibit opening. It was a happy arts and crafts event! Nice and  head bobbing set also by Nights of Rizal and Supermikki.

Here are some photos taken last nigh.

Gentle Universe performing at the mt CASA exhibit launch. (L to R: Stan, Valerie and Cris)

Cupcakes courtesy of Heima.

By The Googly Gooeys

Looking for a nice washi tape for the toy piano. :-)


Valerie checking out the mt CASA tapes.

Valerie with Migi De Belen aka Nights of Rizal, who also performed during the exhibit launch. His EP Zero Karma is also available at Heima Brixton.   .

Happy crafting with mt CASA washi tapes.

Here is the event poster.

You can still check out the exhibit at Heima Brixton. mt CASA tapes for crafts and decoration are also available at

By the way, online launch today of our new track entitled “All-Day Breakfast in Flower Bed”.

We hope that you also feel wonderful, energized and refreshed while listening to the new track. Happy crafting!

All-Day Breakfast in Flower Bed” is part of the Heima Store's special playlist for mt Spaces. You can listen by clicking the play button below. 


Gentle Universe

Garden / Spaces from heimastore on 8tracks Radio.

Listen to more Gentle Universe tracks via SoundCloud

Monday, September 9, 2013

Intro to Handmade Musical Instruments

Hi there!I was invited to speak about my handmade musical instruments using coconut shells and other found objects on September 10, 2013 at 4:00 in the afternoon.

Venue is at University of the Philippines, College of Music, Annex 226. The colloquium is open to all students and faculty members of UP Diliman. See you UP! :-)

This is my handmade cocokalimba which won the first Mochiko's HandmadeExchange last February. I joined the contest to win the prize as a gift for my wife's birthday. :-)

Goblet drum made of coconut shell and abaka rope. I made this for my son Dylan.

By the way, we are releasing a new track soon! In the meantime, you can listen to some of our tracks on SoundCloud. We'd like to invite you to join our mailing list also for fresh updates and free stuff.   Thanks again!

Truly yours,
For Gentle Universe

Monday, July 29, 2013


Thank you very much again to everyone who visited the Dr. Jose Maceda Exhibit 2013 at UP Vargas Museum. Special thanks to Dayang Yraola, UP Center for Ethnomusicology, Tad Ermitano and all my fellow Confluence artists.
Thank you also to artist/photographer Brendan Gogo who took a cool photo of my sound installation called Niyogan: Cocospheres (Sounds from the Coconut Village).

I will post more photos soon. In the  meantime, check out this article: GMA NEWS online featured the exhibit including a photo of  my installation. Thank you Kapuso! :-)

Truly yours,

Cris Garcimo
For Gentle Universe

"PlaySpace" Music by Gentle Universe

Hi! We’re happy to share that Acer Mobile w/ Intel’s PlaySpace used the music made by Gentle Universe.

They also asked me to create a sound mark at the end of the video for  PlaySpace’s #letsplaytogether and Acer Mobile (PH) w/ Intel logo. It was fun! Thank you to Russell Vergara, Azel Gorne, everyone at Vgrafiks and Julius of Bremont.

Acer Mobile (PlaySpace) from Acer Mobile on Vimeo.

After watching, you can download the music through our soundcloud.

By the way, please tell you friends about our newsletter.   We’re sending new stuff!

Thank you!

Truly yours,

For Gentle Universe

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Gentle Universe at Shangri-la for Acer's Anniversary

Had a wonderful gig last Tuesday! Gentle Universe was invited to play ambient music w/ visuals at Shangri-la for Acer's anniversary. They provided a huge screen for the visuals! Thank you to Ms. Sirikit and the entire Confluence team. Here are some snapshots. 

Thank you for visiting! Have a nice week! :-)

Truly yours,

Cris Garcimo
For Gentle Universe

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Gentle Universe at "PlaySpace"

Hi! We'd like to invite you "PlaySpace" happening next week on April 29-30. Cris of Gentle Universe is going to speak about the group, our playthings, toy pianos, synths, gigs and more.  For more details and list of speakers, visit the lovely site by Vgrafix, . Free registration. Please spread the word. Thanks! :-)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Gentle Universe at Rizal Park, Earth Hour 2013

Gentle Universe played at Rizal Park in Manila on March 23, 2013. The event was organized by the National Park Development Committee (NPDC) in joining Earth Hour 2013. Thanks to Gie Arnold and the staff of  NPDC. Thanks also to everyone who joined us during the event!  
Here are some photos taken by our good friend Joy Dela Victoria.


Thanks for visiting! Hope to see you at our next mini tour. :-)

Truly yours,

Cris Garcimo
For Gentle Universe

If you would like to book us for your event or sponsor a tour for Gentle Universe, just send a quick note to

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Winner: Handmade Musical Instrument

A couple of months ago, my handmade instrument called "Mochikalimba" was announced as the winner for Mochiko Mochi's first handmade contest.  I joined the contest because I like Mochiko Mochi's handmade advocacy, and also because my wife Shey loves Mochi. In the Philippines, Mochiko Mochi sells creative cream and ice cream-filled mocha (Japanese creative dessert). Incidentally, Shey was also celebrating her birthday at that time. I thought it would be a nice gift for her if I win the contest.

By the way, I got to know the contest through Pergy, one of my favorite artists, who was commissioned to create the poster for Mochiko Mochi's "Handmade with Love" campaign. You can also check out her blog and Behance artist page -

For my entry, I made a mochiko-inspired handmade lamellaphone using recycled coconut shell and steel spring. Lamellophones are instruments which have little tines, or "lamellae", which are played by plucking like thumb piano, mbira, kalimba (Africa) and mbiraski (Japan). "It was thought in ancient times that the thumb piano was able to project its sound into the heavens (Wiki)."

I used a coconut shell because of its circular shape and texture. I also want to create a recyclable material which is abundant in our country. We have a lot of coconut trees here considering Philippines is a tropical country.

Mochiko Mochi said that my submission looks a bit like a mochi. Here are the photos when Mochiko announced via their facebook page that my handmade musical instrument won the contest. :-)   


Here is a photo of Dylan at the stall of Mochiko Mochi at Southmall when we received the prize from Mochiko.  He was pointing at the heart in Mochiko Mochi's logo. Handmade with love indeed! :-)

Here are the different flavors of Mochiko. Our current favorites are the Straberry and Mango Flavors.

(Photo from Mochiko Mochi's FB page)

Thanks again Mochiko Mochi! It was fun! I am inspired to make create more handmade musical instruments.

Truly yours,

Cris Garcimo
For Gentle Universe

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Gentle Universe at Art in The Park 2013

Gentle Universe played at Art in The Park 2013 last week, March 16, 2013.  It is an annual art fair organized by Museum Foundation of the Philippines

"It is a community-based activity that people come to enjoy, peruse the stalls, and hunt for bargains. They end up lingering because of the convivial atmosphere,the food, drinks, conversations, and the friends that gather", explained by the Museum Foundation of the Philippines.

Thanks you very much Art in the Park 2013 organizers, artists, booths and attendees!

(Under the tree. Photo taken during the soundcheck.)

Thanks again to everyone who stopped by and watched our set at Art in The Park 2013. Hope to see you again next year!
Truly yours,
For Gentle Universe


Monday, March 11, 2013

Circle of Instruments

Above is  photo of  our jam set up last Saturday.

Hope to see you soon! Gentle Universe "Park Tour": March 16, Art in The Park, Salcedo, Makati; March 23 - "Concert at the Park, Luneta PArk Central Area, 6 pm.

Propagation of Sound

Sound Propagation
Hi! This is Cris. I'm posting this assignment as part of the course in "Introduction to Music Production" by Berkelee College of Music that I’m taking online via

We were tasked to teach any topic from the first week's lessons. I chose to discuss the first characteristic or property of sound called “Propagation”which means sound moving and travelling through a medium.  

Propagation is defined as the act or action  of propagating or to transmission through a medium. Wiki explained that sound is a sequence of waves of pressure that propagates through compressible media such as air or water.

How sound travels or how it reaches our ears for us to hear the sound?
Sound needs a medium to travel from one place to another or from the source to our ears.  The physical medium can be air, wood, water or metal. Generally, the kind and density of the medium affects the speed of the sound wave.  In other words the arrival time of the sound depends on the medium it goes through in order to reach our ears.

Where does sound travels better?  In air or solid?
I searched the web for fun and interesting experiments to understand where sound travels  better.

Let’s try to quick experiment called “Table Thunder

In this experiment you need a friend, one table and writing materials. Sit opposite your friend. Then knock on the table. Take note how load the sound is. Afterwhich, ask your friend to place his ear against the surface of the table. Knock on the table again. What did you discover?

When you listen to the knocking sound through the table, it is much louder.
What we learned: Sound travels better and louder through a wood, than through air.
For more fun experiments please visit this link.

This lesson that we learned in our experiment leads us to the next  - “Why sound travels better through wood”?


In How Stuff Works, Jonathan Explained explained that:  “The speed of a sound wave depends upon the medium through which it travels. In general, sound travels faster through solids than through liquids or gases. Also, the denser the medium, the slower sound will travel through it. The same sound will travel at a different speed on a cold day than it would on a warm day.”
The molecules in wood are closer to each or tightly packed other compared to the molecules in water. Instead of jumping from molecules that far aay from each other, the sound easily travels trough the molecules of the wood.

I hope that you learn something. :-)
Truly yours,
Cris Garcimo

P.S. For more discussion on Propagation of Sound, you can also visit the following links:


Thursday, January 31, 2013

"Follow the Rainbow": Gentle Universe Outreach Show

Gentle Universe had an outreach show at Silid Booklatan, San Pablo, Laguna on January 19, 2013. Silid Booklatan promotes reading in the underprivileged communities by providing venues, reading materials, reading-related activities, and support. We performed for around 100 kids! Thank you very much to Silid Booklatan for the oppurtunity.  
We love outreach shows because it is an opportunity to offer something to those might not have easy access to it. 

Here are some photos from the outreach:

South Luzon Express Way

After almost 2 hours, we finally arrived at Silid Booklatan, San Pablo!    

Stan reading a nice book on music with vintage illustrations.

Valerie Faye at the reading area.

Stan and Faye checking out the books and magazines.
Some kids at Silid Booklatan waiting for the show to start

Performing for the kids. 

We went to San Pablo Lake after the outreach.

We also donated children's books to Silid Booklatan. If you are interested to donate books to Silid Booklatan, please visit their facebook page. They are also looking for volunteers.
We wish to have more outreach shows in different places.  If you would like to support our upcoming outreach shows, please send a quick note to
Thank you very much for visiting. May you follow the rainbow and find the true pot of gold inside your heart. J

Truly yours,
For Gentle Universe

PS. My wife Shey and our son Dylan were not able to go with us. Dylan was not feeling well at that time due to the cold weather.